3rd grade…

When I was in 3rd grade, we had a class president. One particular month, I was nominated along with another girl. When it came time for the class to vote anonymously, it came out 50/50 for us. We voted another 2 times and the results were the same. Our teacher said we needed to think hard about who we wanted to nominate and ensure it was who we believed in for the month.

We had already voted 3 times and the results were unchanged. Both of us were capable of the role for the month. I decided to vote for the other girl. Part of me thought that she may do the same. Either way, we were both deserving and willing to accept the role.

The class voted and the results were in…49/51. My vote change mattered enough to elect the next class president. I was partly sad at not winning and partly happy that my vote had the effect that it did. It was interesting to watch the class reaction, as everyone was quick to express their thought one way or the other and in awe of the fact that one person changed their thought.

Interesting, huh?