What if…

I read a post the other day that talked about helping others. It suggested an interesting opportunity to do so by giving up one day of your life, to add on to someone else’s.  I was thoroughly intrigued by this. The thought of having extra days with my family would be incredible and priceless, regardless of when my time comes.

I had originally read it on a blog by a fellow breast cancer warrior. The idea lingered in my mind for days, for many reasons.  I thought about the giving of days being a common thing, especially in the midst of a diagnosis such as cancer. It’s a captivating idea.

The more I wrapped it around my head though, the more I realized that the idea wasn’t for me. I have learned to treasure every day that I am gifted now. I want everyone else to love their days just as much.  The idea of taking a day away from someone else, a day that they could spend with their loved ones, even if it was gifted to me, just doesn’t seem right.  The day is yours and it is yours for a reason. Make it count.

But what if you could prolong your life? What if there was a way, a proven way, to ensure that you lived a long, healthy life?  It would take dedication, unwavering commitment, no “down” days and yet, it would be easy. It would be a change to your routine, your normal, your day-to-day. But it would work, as long as you stay committed. 

All you have to do is begin.  Would you?