Morning snuggles


There’s something about early morning. When the sun is still waking up and there is a chill in the air. The sky is lighting up with the promise of a new day and yet most of the world is silent. There is often a fresh morning dew and it truly feels like the opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate.

This morning I woke up a little before Jacob and started puttering around the house quietly. Joe was already up and outside preparing for the day ahead.  I made some coffee and packed a lunch and when Joe walked inside we started chatting quietly. Eventually we heard a soft, “Mommom? Daddad?” We both turned in the direction and there was little man sitting up on the bed with a huge smile on his face.

We both went in and said good morning and instantly received snuggles.  There is nothing quite like morning snuggles. Little man hugs a little harder, a bit tighter and he smells like sweet dreamy sleep. His fuzzy hair is spread all around his head and he has Sergeant Snuggles tucked in close.  He wraps both of those tiny arms around my neck, tucks both feet around my waist and snuggles that head right in the crook of my neck. I can feel his heart beat and his breath softly moving in and out.

And he is (typically) so happy. He wakes up smiling big and ready to love on us with these big, soft, amazing snuggles.  It’s like he knows that there is no better way to start the day.  There is nothing quite as incredible.

Eventually he is ready to start the day and the chitchat begins as he tells us about his dreams and asks what today will bring. He wants to get down and start exploring, though he sticks close to our side. He is our little man, our dreamer, our adventurer and our snuggler. He is amazing.  And he is uniquely and perfectly him.

What’s your favorite way to start the day?

Sister snuggles

Sister Snuggles 110715

Growing up, I was often known as Sarah B’s little sister. My big sister was my protector, my confidant and my go-to for advice or tough love. She was always there when I needed her, even during the times that I didn’t realize it was exactly what I needed.

When I was first diagnosed, Sarah didn’t hesitate. She immediately began making plans to care for me during treatment, making the phone calls to our loved ones to share the news and researching how to best help me through it. I have always admired her strength and ability to attack whatever comes her way. She has always been, and will forever be, a woman I look up to whole-heartedly.

Yesterday at my hydration appointment, we had a new (to me) nurse. While hooking up my fluids, she looked at me and asked “Are these your parents?”

Joe, Sarah and I stared at each other for a good 30 seconds before we all burst out laughing. No response seemed appropriate other than laughter. When we caught our breath, the laughter was followed by Sarah stating, “Well, I act like her mother so it’s fitting.” That made us crack up even harder. We continued to laugh about it throughout the entire stay at the center.

After the fun of the hydration appointment and my shot, we ended the day with sister snuggles on the couch while little man slept between us. There is nothing quite as wonderful as sister snuggles!