A little food and a little wine…

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I love food. I love wine. I love food and wine at the same time. During the time following treatment, there isn’t much food that I find appealing and wine isn’t an option. I take a lot of medicine to try and curb the nausea but the food aversions are quite strong. I still have an appetite, which makes eating especially challenging because of how unappealing everything is. I have consistently been able to eat cheese, eggs, crackers and popsicles. Lots and lots of popsicles. Water is a challenge too but I work past it because I know how important water intake is to flush my system.

Today, we spent a few hours at Epcot with Grandma and Grandpa exploring the Food & Wine Festival. Despite the heat, which has been getting cooler and cooler each day, it was such a wonderful day. We visited many countries around the world and shared different appetizer sized plates and small beverages. Since it has been a few weeks since my last treatment, I am able to eat pretty regularly. And I did just that today. I savored many delicious treats.

I’ve been to the Food & Wine Festival before but this visit was a little more precious. Every moment with my family is precious. Seeing Grandma & Grandpa smile while little man dances to the music in Morocco makes my heart smile. Enjoying the fabulous food around the world, knowing there will be a time again in the next week where the thought of food is completely unappealing, makes me grateful for each and every bite while I am able to enjoy it.

While I sip a glass of red tonight, I am savoring the moments of today. The carefree joy of time with family, the ability to relax and the spirit of innocence while my little man met Mickey and Goofy…makes for a memorable and amazing day. Happy Friday, my friends.

Saturday morning blessings

It’s barely 10am and this has been an emotional morning – happy emotions, thankfully! I woke up to an event scheduled by a dear childhood friend. She is hosting a musical event at my parent’s restaurant in my honor this month. The event falls over my next treatment weekend and I already know that the emotional support received that night will help me through those challenging days.

Then my Facebook and Instagram were flooded with the green support that Saturdays offer. It is such a humbling and sweet feeling to see everyone finding unique ways to wear my favorite color!

Today is also the Race for the Cure in Albany, which many friends are participating in, in my honor. I see pictures of these incredible women – survivors – who are strong, motivated and true inspirations. They have been on this journey that I am on and they have beaten this horrible disease. Seeing their smiling faces – and all of the amazing family and friends out their supporting everyone – gives me chills. They are the definition of strength.

While my loves dance to the music of this beautiful Saturday morning in Florida, I await the arrival of two of my closest friends. They are coming over to help me learn fun ways to wrap my head in scarves and are also joining in on the head wrapping fun themselves. Then we are off to the beach on this gorgeous day for some girl time.

I feel so blessed on this incredible Saturday. Make it a wonderful day, my friends!