Day 1 down!

Our first day of travel to MD Anderson is complete! We decided to drive because plane tickets were outrageous for the 3 of us. And who doesn’t love a good road trip?! Jacob did great and a book on tape kept things interesting for me and Joe. 

We spent the night in New Orleans, which is farther than we intended to drive. It was a fun (and early) evening. Now to go enjoy some of this city before we hit the road again!

P.S. This time change is no joke, Jacob was up at 530! 😩

Letters for the future

I love letters. Just like my love for books, letters will never go out of style for me. There is something so wonderful about giving and receiving something hand written, that someone took precious time out of their day to sit down and write out just for you. I love it.

I’ve written before about my love of letters and how I’ve turned that into a new tradition for Jacob. I write him cards and put a dollar or two (age appropriate funds to match how old he is) in each one. I usually mail it (I love it being post marked) and stick it in a box for him to read when he is older. I did this when he was in my belly, mailing him Christmas cards filled with our dreams and hopes for him.

Today, I went to a local party store and bought…a lot…of cards. Birthdays, wedding, graduations…you name it. At only a dollar a piece, it was a deal for nice cards but also added up quick. I had to remind myself that I can’t write everything.

My intent is to write cards to Jacob for these very special occasions (and some everyday occasions) that he will one day open. As I stood in front of those cards, my mind filled with the words that will eventually be scrawled all over them…from me to him. Am I doing this with the hope that I will hand them to him? Absolutely. The reality is that there will always be words left unspoken and thoughts that are not expressed.  Terminal or not, I am glad to be doing this for him. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and I want him to know the wishes that I hold in my heart for him.

And besides, who doesn’t enjoy looking back and reminiscing about words spoken long before that still ring true today?