Sweet gifts

Returning from vacation is never easy – it’s like you need a vacation to recover from vacation! 😉 I have updates to share but instead I want to focus on saying thank you.

This weekend, we returned from our cruise to an empty fridge. Of course this is expected, I certainly don’t want to waste food while away! So what did my dear friends do? They stocked my fridge. They each loaded up on fresh fruits & veggies – local & organic! – and helped to make sure that we came home to the most amazing array of fresh ingredients. We have been eating so wonderfully and will continue to because of the sweetness of many dear friends.❤

Then today, we arrived home after a long first day back to work to a surprise gift – someone sent me a Love Jar! Technically it’s called “a little jar of sunshine” and was sent to brighten my day – but it is absolutely filled with love! I just don’t know who to thank for such a thoughtful & wonderful gift- it was so sweet!

I also received a hand crocheted hat & glove set in metavivor colors! A sweet woman in Indiana hand made this set for me because I made a donation to Metaviver – how cool is that?!

So today, despite being a good yet trying day, was filled with some much love and sunshine. I have the absolute greatest friends anyone could ever dreamed of. Keep spreading that love!!

Busy, busy!


Whew, what a day! It started with heading to the plastic surgeon for another expansion. This time it was only 60 cc, which is no where near as uncomfortable as my last expansion. There is still a lot of pressure and some pain but it’s bearable and for that I am grateful.  Two more before radiation and then I’m done with the left side!  I tried to think of a way to continue my Thanksgiving Day analogy but I think I’ll just leave it at, I’m way past full.

Next up was a trip to the cancer institute for my Herceptin treatment. Crazy that it’s already been 3 weeks! This time we brought in more Love Jars.  The moment Joe & I stepped into the elevator, two women asked us about them. We happily let them each pick one and they were super excited.  They asked me lots of questions about them, read one out loud in the waiting room and came up to thank me again before leaving.  They were very sweet.

I leave them on the reception desk and the ladies who run it were excited to see them again. One of the ladies told us that she follows a patient on one of her social media pages and she would post one of the love notes from the jar every day. How cool is that?!

The hardest part of treatment today was trying not to laugh too hard with the nurses.  The pressure in my chest hurts when I laugh for the first few days so laughing is a challenge, especially a good belly laugh.   The nurses are always so pleasant and friendly!

Despite my hesitation towards today, it turned out to be a great day. I’m tired and sore but I’m grateful that today was filled with laughter, encouragement and lots of love.

The Love Jar Project


They are complete! Although simple in their design, I hope that they will have a positive impact on the lives of those who take them.

Joe & I were not alone in this creation -they are made by Team Red Phoenix! The jars and fabric were both donated and my amazingly artistic friend painted the Red Phoenix symbol on them (which she created). She switched the ribbon out for other types of cancer too!  Even the stickers were bought with money donated just for these jars.

Each Love Jar is filled with sheets of folded paper.  Every piece of paper has a sentence or two that is meant to inspire positivity and hope.  Joe and I cut each saying, folded it and tucked it into the jar for someone to enjoy.

I am thrilled that one was taken almost immediately! I cannot wait to see how long it takes before I need to make more. I just love that they have the potential to brighten someone’s day, when they may need a smile.

If you are reading this and have one of the Love Jars – YAY!! Welcome!  Please share your thoughts on what it is like to have one. I would love to hear from you!

Spread the love, my friends!