Farm fresh!

Farm fresh 042216

I mentioned earlier this year that I am trying hard to stick with the basics when it comes to food. I am learning a lot as I go and am continuously shocked at what I’ve been eating. Even things I think are simple foods are loaded with preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. Not to mention the continued use of GMOs and pesticides, which is horrifying. It’s overwhelming at times but I’m making it a priority for my family.

We have a local farm that we visit most weekends to grab fresh fruits and veggies, most of which are organic. Knowing this weekend will be filled supporting Team Gina, I stopped there between appointments today so I could grab everything I want on hand for next week.

I don’t know about you, but this feels like the best $38 I’ve spent in a long time. Zucchini, cukes, tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus, scallions, onions, beans, lemons, apples, peaches, strawberries, bananas, 2 dozen eggs, cantaloupe and kale…I just need to grab some lettuce!

Happy Earth Day, friends!

Time to eat!

I love food. I always have. Growing up with a father who is a chef allowed me the opportunity to try lots of delicious recipes and unique foods – like the time my parents made homemade calamari and told me it was chicken. Good thing I fell in love with it!

One of the challenges with treatment is the metallic taste. The nausea is mostly controlled with medication but food aversions paired with a metallic taste makes it hard to eat. I still have my typical appetite and I usually eat the same things on the days after treatment – eggs, cereal, bacon, chocolate, bananas. Lemon heads also help but you can only eat so many before your tongue can’t handle anymore.

Water is relatively gross because of this so I drink a good bit of apple juice and ginger ale, which also helps to ease my stomach and give me some calories too. It’s also the reason that I avoid coffee for a few days, I can’t handle the bitter–metallic taste combination.

Another interesting side effect is pain when swallowing. I’m not entirely sure whether the cause of this is from mouth sores, which I have been lucky to have very few of, or a result of residual heartburn from the chemo. Either way, when I do eat after treatment it is a slow process due to the uncomfortable feeling I have when swallowing. Soft foods are helpful with this.

So I spend my “down” days daydreaming about the meals I will eat once I no longer taste metal. (This is normal, right? Anyone else daydream about food?) My husband’s grilled chicken wings, a juicy burger, a large Greek salad, Asian turkey meatballs and hibachi are all of the food’s that I have been drooling over this past week.

And guess what, folks? The metallic taste is mostly gone from last treatment so it’s time to eat! Just in time for the weekend, too. YAY!  Might even be time to enjoy a glass of wine…cheers to the weekend, friends!

What food do you dream about, that you just can’t get enough of?