Our Corpse Flower

A year after we moved into our house, late May rolled around and we found an odd looking plant growing along the side of the house. It was smaller, a bit less than a foot in height but it grew out a bit. We watched it for weeks and Googled what we thought it could be. Eventually, it bloomed and a horrible smell wafted out from it. What in the world could it be?!

Turns out, it is a Corpse Flower. Though rare, they bloom every few years and only for 24 hours at a time. They attract flies like crazy during that time and you can smell it walking into the garage. True to its namesake, there is no missing the scent. It smells like a rotting animal – on a good day.

We have no idea how this particular plant ended up in our yard but every May, it returns. One year it blooms and the following it grows but only seedlings bloom in its place. The years that it blooms, it also has seedlings growing alongside of it. We have only had one bloom at a time but the seedlings seem to multiply more and more every year. Last year we even found two on the opposite side of our house!

It’s always exciting to see how many will grow each year when May comes around. It is something that I think little man will grow to love and treasure. Though this year it is but a seedling, I am excited for what new growth and excitement it will bring.

Tell me, what cool plants have you accidentally found?