Rallying for Red Phoenix – April 1st

As you may know, there is a fundraiser being held in my honor on my birthday! It is being thrown by incredibly kind friends & family who are jumping high with hands raised to see how they can help. You all are AMAZING!!!

There was a Save the Date sent via a Facebook invite on my IamRedPhoenix Facebook page. As of yesterday, we have a venue!! A restaurant near work (to be shared soon) has asked to donate their space for the fundraiser! Joe & I used to frequent this location for their happy hour pre-Jacob and it has been one of my favorite places for years for happy hour, date night, dinner with friends and even a dear friends baby shower. They have a room off to the side so that we will have our own space, there is already a musician just for us AND it’s less than 5 minutes from daycare!

We are working out the details and will share them as they come!! The exact time should be confirmed soon but the day is definitely the fabulous date of my birth – April Fool’s Day! This awesome night of fun will be an opportunity to come support my family and me, as well as celebrate my 33rd birthday!

The night is sure to be AMAZING and beyond MEMORABLE! There will be awesome raffles, games, prizes and MORE!!

Jacob’s school has graciously offered to open up their site for the night! Every teacher at his school has generously volunteered their time.  Parents will be able to drop their children off at The Learning Experience during the fundraiser. The kiddos will have a night of fun playing games, doing arts & crafts and maybe even a movie! The times will align with the times of the fundraiser (more to come). If you have questions or would like to sign your child up with TLE, you can call or email them. I’m also here for any questions or concerns. šŸ˜Š

We have received half a dozen raffle items already! If you would like to donate a raffle item or know someone / a store who does, please let me know – the more, the better!

I’ve received questions from people who want to help with the fundraiser – whether it’s day-of help or prep work before. If you’d like to help, please send me an email at IamRedPhoenix10@gmail.com I’ll be sending out an email to all volunteers this weekend to discuss details.

A new page has been added to IamRedPhoenix.com called Give. You can donate any amount or use this page to donate for a wristband. Oh – and the wristbands are available in adult or children sizes!

This fundraiser is a reminder of how incredibly blessed I am. No, this cancer diagnosis & prognosis are not awesome. And yes, I have been in pain for a few weeks. But none of this can be helped- I simply want to embrace and enjoy the moments that I have. Being able to celebrate my birthday surrounded by friends & family is one of the most amazing blessings that I could ever receive.

Hopefully we will see you all there on April 1st!

Save the date!

ā€‹I asked earlier about wanting to participate in the Metsquarade.  Unfortunately, the event itself is a bit too big for me and if I wanted to do it the same day, I would be limited on time.  After many discussions, it has been decided that we will hold a fundraiser to assist with expenses related to treatment, side effects and all the fun things that come along with it.

So, SAVE THE DATE!  The event will take place on April 1st ā€“ my birthday!!  What better way to celebrate another year of this wonderful life than to be surrounded by family and friends in celebration?!  My sweet friend has a local venue in mind to host the event and has already contacted them.  Though we have that venue and a few other local breweries in mind, if you know of a space that you would recommend or that would be willing to donate their space, please let me know!  AND a super talented local singer songwriter will be providing great music! YAY!!

I will absolutely need help along the way (including phone calls and a bit of running around) so if you are still interested in helping, please send me a message. šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

After my last post, I received a few questions about donations.  Iā€™d like to do a raffle, so if you happen to know anyone or any businesses that would be willing to donate an item or two to the raffle, that would be awesome!!  One of the amazing women who follow my blog asked me today if she could put together a gift basket and mail it to me prior to the event to be raffled off!  Near or far, you can still participate in the festivities!  Please feel free to spread the word, I am sure it will be a fun, fabulous night!!

Thank you ALL for your love, support and kindness during these days.  Though I had hoped to leave cancer behind me in 2016, the reality is that it will never leave.  It is a part of me and who I am.  I am choosing to make the best of it, the live with the realities of this disease and embrace every wonderful moment that I have on this earth.  Every single one of you impact that ā€“ and I am so blessed to have you all by my side throughout this crazy ride.

I have a question…

I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people throughout this breast cancer journey. Some of the people I have met, through a random set of circumstances, are from Arkansas. These amazing ladies put together an event called NWA Metsquarade. It’s an annual dinner event that they put together and the proceeds benefit Metavivor.

I would love to attend but don’t know how feasible it is. But then I had a thought. What if I held a similar event here? A Central Florida Metsquarade? We could do a plated dinner and a silent auction as well…this may be a pie-in-the-sky idea but it’s one that I can’t get out of my head. I think it would be fun and beneficial…but also a wondeful opportunity for local people to connect, including those like myself.  It would be a night out for folks (who doesn’t love getting dressed up?! Especially for a good cause!) but it would also be a chance to raise money.

It’s just a thought for now and would require a lot of planning and help. (I’ve also reached out to the wonderful ladies who run the Arkansas event.) So, I thought I’d turn to my blog. Would anyone out there be willing to volunteer their time to help put together this event? Is there any interest in attending a dinner benefit like this? I’m also thinking we would do a silent auction  (like nwamets.com) with donations to help raise money?

Thoughts? Is this something that we could make happen?!