Clean teeth!

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When I lost my baby teeth, my adult teeth came in a bit crazy. My front teeth overlapped, on the top and bottom, and I had weird gaps and tight spaces. Needless to say, I wore braces…for 5 years. Not just braces, but spacers, bands, mouth guard, retainer and eventually a bar across the bottom. I am incredibly blessed that my parents did all of this for me, as I now have almost perfectly straight teeth (they have moved a little over time).

Since I spent a large portion of my childhood in braces or other fun accessories for my teeth, I became a little obsessive about them. I have them cleaned and examined diligently every 6 months, if not sooner at times. So when I was first diagnosed and learned that I couldn’t have my teeth cleaned during chemo, I went into a slight panic. The reasoning is because the risk of infection is too great with teeth cleanings. But I LOVE having my teeth cleaned. I can’t NOT do that!

A quick call to my dentist calmed my anxiety, as they had a cancelation and were able to fit me in first thing the next morning – whew! I was able to begin chemo with clean teeth. This was incredibly important to me…perhaps because it was something I felt like I could control, since everything in that moment was a whirlwind.

After chemo ended, I needed to wait a month before having my teeth cleaned to ensure my body could fight off a potential infection. Well that was right about the time for surgery so I needed to wait until after I was healed enough to lay flat for the cleaning. This took quite a few weeks but once I could lay down and the oncology letter of clearance was received, I was quickly added to the schedule.

One of my appointments yesterday was a dental cleaning. Like I said, I love having my teeth cleaned. There’s just something about knowing they are nice and clean with no cavities that makes me feel good. It also makes me feel as though things are starting to transition back to a nomal-ish way of life. Well, if you ignore the daily radiation and every 3 weeks Herceptin. 😉

Do any of you enjoy the dentist like me?!

Memory Lane

This past week, I was asked by two separate people if I could send pictures for a scrapbook / slideshow that they are putting together. Since I wasn’t feeling too awesome yesterday, I plopped myself on the couch with my external hard drive and started skimming through old pictures. Oh my, talk about a trip down memory lane! I had a surprisingly fun time reminiscing on the life that I have experienced in my decades here – bad haircuts, weird clothing choices and embarrassing faces had me laughing out loud. What started as a quick scan turned into hours of looking through pictures and sharing them with people. A nap or two in between made the day a bit more bearable. This was a helpful distraction from the way my body felt yesterday.

Scanning through all of these pictures had me thinking about the memories that I have of people that I have shared my life with – family, friends, and acquaintances. I have dozens of pictures that I may or may not have shared with the people that are in them. They are hidden away on this hard drive that I access periodically to find a certain picture or backup more pictures. And what about all of the pictures that I have stored in a box somewhere, before digital pictures were around? I can just imagine the tote I have tucked away in New York, filled with childhood memories.

When writing blog posts, I often search through old pictures or reach out to a friend or family member to see if they have the picture that I know exists somewhere. A trip down memory lane is always nice. It often brings me happy tears and a big smile, especially when it is a picture that I haven’t seen before!

I’m wondering, how do you all share pictures amongst family and friends so that everyone can enjoy that moment in time (aside from Facebook)? Is there an easy and secure way to share digital and print pictures with a large group of people?

I will continue to share pictures as I come across them. If you happen to dig out the old albums or dust off the hard drive and find pictures that you’d like to share, please send them my way! I’d love to see them!