Red Phoenix Rises

On Saturday March 25th 2017 our Sweet Red Phoenix left this earth to rise high above it for her next role. We don’t always understand why things work out the way they do, but the Red Phoenix community is strong and her legacy lives on through each of us. The overwhelming support and strength this community has shown is a direct reflection of just how powerful words are. This blog was started as as an outlet for Meghan to share the most intimate details of this journey and it ended up providing strength to so many including her family. With every journey there are milestones that must be reached in order for the next new journey to begin. Red Phoenix was always a huge advocate for organ donation and we have recently learned that two cornea donation recipients will be able to see the beauty of this world through Phoenix eyes. This is the next journey for Red Phoenix in this world and there are many other paths she will take outside of it. Hug your families close and live, love and laugh like you have never before. We don’t know what this life has in store for us, but we do know it is not the end. We will all eventually rise for our next journey just as the Red Phoenix has risen from the ashes for her next role. 

Until next time my friends…


The Rally for Red Phoenix celebration will be held on her birthday 4/1 at the Marriott in Lake Mary, FL at 6pm. More details can be found at the I am Red Phoenix Face Book page.

5 thoughts on “Red Phoenix Rises

  1. Thank you for posting the news. I believe that world is a better place for having had Meghan in it. I am so grateful for the small parts of herself that she shared on the blog. Much love to all of you as you too transition through the coming days.

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