Sometimes the reality of situations we have to deal with on this Earth just simply stink. There is no sugarcoating them.  Yes, we can see the many blessings and comforts from God that happen through these situations, however those don’t necessarily take away the emotions you feel.

Here is our factual reality right now.

Meghan continues to be uncomfortable, well, let’s call it what it is….she is in pain. The doctors are doing a diligent job trying to manage her pain.  She now has a PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia pump)  which allows her to push a button to have a dose of pain medication released  whenever she needs it (no more than every 10 minutes) in addition to what she is getting through her  IV.  This has seemed to be helpful for her.

She will not be able to eat or drink anymore and therefore a feeding tube of some sort is needed. We made an attempt with a feeding tube that runs through her nose today.  I will spare you the details, but it was awful and did not work out the way we had hoped.  Tomorrow Meghan will start to receive some nutrition via her IV, however this will not necessarily satisfy her extreme hunger, which is concerning.  It is heartbreaking to hear her constantly ask for food and water and not be able to give it to her.

Meghan got to spend time today with her parents and sisters, which made her so happy.

And here is where it gets harder-

Yesterday Joe and I met with Hospice. We are realistic about where this situation is heading.  Our families #1 priority is for Meg to be as comfortable as possible for the rest of her time.  Once the pain management is under control and the other Pleurx Catheter is inserted, Meghan will (hopefully) get to go home and be in her own bedroom.  The thought of her being able to watch T.V. while snuggling Jacob in her bed brings a sense of peace.

One of the programs offered by the hospital provides support for families with young children. A Child Life Specialist visited today to help Joe and Meg come up with a plan for how to help Jacob cope with what is going on.  She was simply amazing.  She provided a list of activities that Meg will do (with our help) to leave a legacy behind for Jacob.  She brought toys in for him to play with while he visits.  She also brought a canvas and had Meghan make handprints on it for Jacob to have.  The idea is that Meg will come up with words of wisdom for Jacob and we will write them on the canvas.  Are you crying yet?  Whoever invented a program like this was clearly being used by God!

Again, thanks for everyone for reaching out and praying for Meghan. I don’t know how to respond when people ask how they can help.  The only thing that comes to mind is to please comfort our family.  Reach out to my mom, dad, and sisters, I know that they can use someone to talk to.  Joe’s parents have been so helpful with Jacob-please pray for strength and peace for them.

Most of all pray for peace for the Hall family.

11 thoughts on “Reality

  1. God bless Meghan and help her to rise past her pain and surround herself in love as she begins her journey to the stars. She has been a light in the lives of many people for the duration of her illness, and I hope that now our prayers and love will light her way to heaven. My heart is breaking for everyone. My only consolation is that a phoenix always rises from the ashes to live again.

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  2. I am very grateful for the updates. Especially as I know Meghan only through blogging. Even such a small glimpse of her big love and light has been very impactful in my life this last year. I am so glad that you are all able to be together. I pray that a transition to home can occur for all of you.


  3. I am crying that such a beautiful light will be extinguished far far to early … i pray that her pain may be controlled and that she can find some peace and rest.. i pray for her whole family… i thank her for the legacy of understanding that she has brought to metastatic breast cancer… her blog has been honest and open and full of such vitality and spirit… this is just so very sad for you all and so very hard to understand how this has happened so quickly… sending love and peace to you all and the strength to help Meghan at this very difficult time… cancer is a terrible disease that robs us of the young way to early … to Jacob and Joe a special hug across the miles xxxxxx

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  4. So very, very sorry to hear how difficult even the basic daily routines are for your beautiful girl.

    Words are impossible to find that can offer up anything right now other than cliches and platitudes.

    Meghan is in my thoughts constantly-those of my family and friends who pray are doing just that for you all.

    I will hope for the peace that Meghan deserves to find her and comfort her.

    Much love to Meg and to you all in this time of unbearable sadness.x


  5. I’m so sorry. Meg did so much to help others who are dealing with this horrible disease and she did it with incredible strength . Thank you Sarah for keeping us all updated.


  6. I am so saddened to hear these, but thanks again for keeping us on the loop. I only know Meghan thru her blog,and what a blog it is her strength, sincerity, and zest for life and her family have always been palpable. I wish that her pain can be managed well and she returns back her home soon. She and her family are in my thoughts


  7. I only know Meghan through her blog but my heart aches Joe, Jacob, and the rest of her family. I am also a young metastatic breast cancer patient, and her blog has been tremendously comforting and inspiring to me since I found it last April (2016). Her words demonstrate bravery and honesty in dealing with this terrible disease. I continue to pray for strength, healing, and peace. Sending love from afar. ✨🙏🏻


  8. my heart breaks to hear of her passing. I pray that she is resting gently in the arms of her savior, that she knows no more pain and her heart is full. Thank you for sharing her story.


  9. RIP Meg … condolences to your entire family and a special hug for Jacob and Joe… Meghan has left a lasting legacy in the courage she showed over the last few months… we need more research as no young women should ever have to die from this terrible disease.. her death is a terrible terrible loss… ❤❤


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