Another Quick Update

The CT scan showed that Meghan has a large amount of fluid around her lungs, which is most likely causing the shortness of breath. Her Pleurx catheter is located on the right side, which is allowing her right lung to be drained, but not the left. Yesterday her left side was drained and they will continue to monitor the amount of fluid they need to drain on that side to determine if inserting a Pleurx catheter on the left side will be necessary as well.

Meghan has had a swallow study completed to assess why she is aspirating when she eats/drinks. The results of this showed that she will need some sort of rehabilitation before she will be able to eat or drink again. In the meantime she will need a feeding tube so that she has proper nutrition. The Palliative team came in and put a plan in place to better manage Meghan’s pain, which has been the main focus right now. They have changed/adjusted some things and we are hoping that these changes give her some relief.

Meg seemed to sleep a little better yesterday, which is good.

Again, we are so thankful for everyone praying boldly and reaching out. We let her know that everyone is praying and asking about her. I know she appreciates this. We also know that a lot of people would like to see Meghan right now. Due to her discomfort and the emphasis being on rest as much as possible, Meghan’s visitors have been limited to immediate family only. Please feel free to send messages, cards, texts, etc. I promise to let her know. Most importantly, please pray specifically for her comfort and peace.

Thank you,


6 thoughts on “Another Quick Update

  1. We all love Meghan and understand and only prayer for her and her lovely family, we all want her family to think only of Meghan….prayers and hugs to all…..


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