An Update

This is Sarah, Meghan’s older sister. With Meghan and Joe’s permission I am writing an update. So many people have been calling, texting, and messaging to check in on Meg-and we could not be more grateful for that. For the record, I do not have a medical background at all, and I rely heavily on my sister to translate these kinds of things. Since she is not up for the task of breaking everything down for me, I am left to write down my understanding of what is going on.

So here is where we are at:

Meghan has now been in the hospital for a full week. She was admitted last Sunday experiencing debilitating headaches that kept her in bed and unable to eat, drink, or talk. While the pain she is experiencing has not subsided, we have begun to receive some answers regarding what may be causing the headaches and other symptoms she now has. A spinal tap a couple days ago revealed that Meghan has cancer in her spinal fluid, which has traveled to her brain. The protocol for addressing this new finding is to begin radiating her entire brain every day for two weeks. This was supposed to start on Saturday (yesterday) however the development of some significant mucus and liquid in her lungs has left her unable to breathe well. Due to the fluid, lying flat for a prolonged period of time (which the radiation would require) is not something Meghan is well enough to accommodate right now.

It was hoped that Meghan would be able to have a CT scan of her lungs and Pleurx Catheter today to see what is going on in her lungs and surrounding arteries. Unfortunately her veins were not good enough and they could not get an IV in to do the CT scan. We are waiting for a PICC line to be put in tonight and will (hopefully) be heading down shortly for the scan. The doctors are thinking that she probably has pneumonia, which is causing her shortness of breath. The scan will reveal if this is true and if she has any pulmonary embolisms.

Once we receive the results of the CT, we will have a course of action to help with the lung and breathing challenges and therefore Meg will be able to begin radiation to her brain.

Meg is definitely uncomfortable. Talking is very challenging for her, although that is not stopping her from trying ! The doctors continue to work on combinations of medication to manage her pain.

Jacob and Jackson came to visit Meghan this afternoon, which put a smile on her face. Joe continues to take such wonderful care of Meghan. She is a loved woman.

15 thoughts on “An Update

  1. I’m praying for Meghan and family, wishing her and the family strength as they prepare to fight this new finding.
    Love you all.


  2. Sending much love to Meg I hope and pray for answers for this wonderful women. ❤️❤️Thank you for the update. Please let us know her progress ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Meg…you are such an inspiration..I can’t imagine the pain and suffering you have been through….the key word is through….love, prayers and God’s strength does amazing things…you are loved.


  4. Sending love and hope, thoughts and prayers from England, for my beautiful, courageous sweet friend Meghan, who is a lighthouse in the storm. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart.x


  5. All our love and prayers , Meghan – you have introduced us to your loving family via this blog and we are all better for reading of the love and help….and Joe, no words to describe such a loving husband ….We all are spreading the love for you..


  6. Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing an update here. Much appreciated. Looking forward to getting back to a *good* part of this roller coaster. Sending love from upstate NY. xo


  7. Meghan and family – You are all in my prayers. Joe, hold on. God is with you through this all. Jacob, lil man, you have an amazing mom and family! Thinking of you all daily. Praying without ceasing. God be with you all.


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