More supplies…

Bright and early today, my sweet husband and I ventured to the radiation oncologist for my 4 week checkup. I still have an open wound on my chest (ugh!) but it’s slowly going away and for that, I am grateful. My awesome doctor spent a while with us, having us fill her in on the past 4 weeks. When I learned that I had fluid in my lungs, she was the first (ok second, Joe wins๐Ÿ˜‰) call that I made to talk through everything happening. I value her opinion so much and am glad to have met her along this journey. Am I allowed to be her friend?! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰

Next we ventured next door for more post-surgery supplies. My left arm has started swelling pretty significantly (in my opinion) so I needed to get more sleeves that fit now. My left arm is larger and a bit harder than my right, which is crazy but we are chalking it up to the swelling. I was fitted for a new sleeve and grabbed a few, plus gloves, learning again when I needed to wear them.

I also decided that it was a good time to get more post-mastectony supplies. Since I had fluid removed for radiation in September and we go on vacation in January, I figured now was a good time. I was fitted again and received 2 new breast forms. One form I can use for swimming and everyday wear but it is quite heavy. The other is a bit lighter and can only be used for everyday use. It comes with padding that can be used to fill in the gaps and make me more…even.

Since I have new forms (and lost a few pounds), it was also time for new bras. I was fitted in the newest styles for those. I was also fitted for a bathing suit top (bottoms not included!) in anticipation of next month.
Then…the bill. Oh, my. So I received 2 breast forms, 5 bras, 4 sleeves ad 2 gloves that were included with insurance. If you’ve met your out-of-pocket deductible, which I have for 2016, then these are all billed to insurance by law. The grand total? $5628…and some odd change.

Yup, that’s right. I “bought” supplies that try to make me feel slightly like a woman again, that are needed because of this cancer, and it cost the amount of a used car. Oh and the bathing suit top? That’s not included in the insurance coverage so although it requires a breast form, it’s paid for by me. And the bottoms can be found elsewhere. 

I am very happy with this particular store and very much like the woman who takes care of me. It’s just unfortunate that necessities such as this, which are covered by law now, come at such a ridiculous cost…just to help make me feel somewhat normal. 

I know insurance won’t pay nearly the amount. However, that is the retail cost and, based on my understanding, what they would have billed me independently if I didn’t have insurance coverage.  While I am grateful for these supplies and the coverage that I have, it is discouraging that they cost such an obscene amount…oh, and that a prescription is needed to allow me to obtain them.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. All-in-all, today was a good day and I am grateful for the progress being made on my open wound and the supplies I obtained. Have a wonderful night, folks. Be grateful for the small joys in life!

2 thoughts on “More supplies…

  1. The cost of these basic necessities is ridiculous …. someone is making a lot of money from them!!!! As you say you have to have them ….we become a captive market!!!

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