My fluid results

I met with the Nurse Practitioner on Monday and confirmed that the fluid in my lungs is cancerous. I don’t have progression in my lungs but I do have progression around them. So, time to change it up. What do you do? I don’t have a solid answer for that. I reached out to a few of the oncologists that I’ve met with. Including my local doctor, three out of four of them agree with Afinitor, while one doesn’t. In a perfect world, all would agree but we like to keep it interesting here. πŸ˜‰

I expected these results but that didn’t make them any easier. I was silently hoping for a miracle. Though we didn’t have the best results, that doesn’t mean I am giving up. It means a change in treatment. It means that God has other plans. It means that although I don’t know what those other plans are, I am optimistic about the future they hold for me. I am looking forward with hopeful anticipation at what’s to come. There is a drug that will work miracles for me. Xeloda was not it.

The fluid around my lungs is concerning and we have to keep an eye out to make sure it doesn’t form quickly again. Since I have vacation in January, I will do an xray before it to ensure there is nothing floating around in there…especially since I did not have symptoms. I will have scans in another 6 weeks. That should give enough time for the new drug to start working on me. There is evidence to suggest that it will so we shall see. If there is significant progression, I will need to switch again but we will cross that road when it comes.

For now, I will embrace and enjoy this incredible holiday season with my sweet family. Happy holidays everyone!

10 thoughts on “My fluid results

  1. I know you have been playing phone tag with Forsythe for months. Maybe you ought to put their call on a higher priority level. With them you dont shoot in the dark, they test all drugs against your cancer. You could have bypassed Xeloda. The more time you spend playing around with the miracle drug guessing game, the less resources your body and mind will lose. Totally your choice though!


      1. Hi Robert, as of now, no. However, my DNA testing puts me at an elevated risk. When I discovered there was an office with the ability to test a primary and simultaneous additional drug’s effectiveness against my own personal biopsy of cancer (if/when it comes) in a lab setting under a certified oncologist before starting treatment, it’s an easy choice. I refuse to undergo treatments that tax my body and mind while hoping it will be the miracle drug, when the ability exists to see if it is already in the medicine drawer. The ability to test before treatment is the key to knowing how to fight and simultaneously spares undue emotional, physical and monetary stress caused by ineffective treatments.


  2. You’ll get a lot of advice from a lot of people but only you and your husband know what’s right for you. Follow your own path based on what your heart and head are telling you to do. I wish you a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends, and I hope you take some time out to do something special for yourself. BTW, contact your cousin Melissa. She has some news to share.

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