Scans, scans, scans

Scanxiety is a very real thing. I thought for sure my last scan would show progression and it showed stability. This time, I worry once again about progression but hope for more stability. Knowing my tumor markers are up and there is recently a swollen lymph node in my neck is not helping the Scanxiety but I remind myself that I can’t change the results. I can only change my perspective.

I’ve been injected for the bone scan so I’m radioactive – though significantly less than a PET (4 times less) so I can still snuggle my sweet boy tonight. I’m drinking the liquid iodine in preparation for the CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis. The iodine takes 2 hours and the radioactive injection takes 3 hours before scans. The CT is relatively quick, while the bone scan takes a bit longer since they are taking more pictures. I have a slight view of the computer screen during that exam (depending on the angle of the picture). It’s crazy to see the images of my body lit up in different colors. Plus Joe can come with me for the bone scan – bonus, company!

The *hope* is that I will continue to show stability and stay on Xeloda, doing scans in another 6 weeks.  I don’t have any new pain, though I have been lucky that the pain hasn’t been unbearable aside from radiation. Honestly, I want to make it through the holidays and my January vacation without having to make any additional cancer related treatment decisions. But, we shall see.

So for now, we wait for all the different liquids to work their way through my system. My doctor will likely call me this afternoon with the results. Though I can never truly prepare for the news, I know that whatever it is, I will work through it with faith and determination. 

Stay well, friends. Continue to spread that love!  💚

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