I’ve been taking a manila folder full of documents and an envelope full of scans to every appointment. A separate notebook with sporadic notes and my usual organizational skills were out the window. I’ve been slowly fixing that as I gain more and more records.

First, I took one of the plane rides to organize my files and put sticky notes on top indicating what each one was. Then I put them in date order. That made me feel much better until my folder became way too full and I couldn’t locate something at the Mayo clinic. She was the first (and not the last, ironically) to recommend color coding with stickies.

So I took my notebook and used small, color coded sticky notes to keep everything aligned by location and subject. That in itself was super exciting! I can now find things easily based on the color/note on each sticky.

So then comes the dreaded folder. I’ve had this free organizer from the American Cancer Society for…dare I admit it…months! I’ve been dreading organizing everything but knew it was necessary. Knowing I couldn’t locate something Mayo wanted, I set out this morning to organize myself. I filed pathology, scans, doctor notes, etc all in separate tabs. The worst part? By the end, everything barely fit! I still had to use my folder for a few miscellaneous notes. Sheesh, guess I have too many records. 😐

So, although I am organized and ready for MD Anderson today, I will need a new, bigger, folder when we head back home!

Off to MD Anderson we go…wish us luck (especially our first appointment with little man during naptime…eek! Hoping Mickey Mouse and a lollipop will keep him entertained!) 😉

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