Happy Halloween!

Jacob has always made a face that looks exactly like his big cousin Jackson. It’s a face where he is so excited that he is not entirely sure how to contain his enthusiasm. He clenches his teeth, partially smiles and gets a slightly crazed look in his eyes. It always cracks us up, especially when the two of them do it together. Even cousin Jeremiah has the look!

When discussing what Jacob would be for Halloween, I remembered that Jackson was Thomas the Train when he was Jacob’s age and knew instantly that’s what Jacob should be. Unfortunately, we didn’t create his costume until the day before Halloween so it took all day. But it was totally worth it!

Jacob wanted nothing to do with the train at first. He actually cried hysterically everytime he saw it. Then around dinnertime, Joe and I were in the kitchen and glanced at Jacob…he had made his way into the train and was sitting and playing. I guess he liked it!

He kept waking up throughout the night asking for Thomas the Choo-Choo and when he would see his friend Vincenzo  (who we were trick or treating with). We kept reminding him that he had just 1 more sleep and then it was Halloween! He was so excited . 

When we brought him and his train to daycare, his class was so excited to see him and his outfit. And all the kids looked adorable! He couldn’t wait to put on his train for the parade. We helped him in it, secured him and he started walking. He made it about 5 steps and started crying. It was too heavy…oops! We took it off and he wanted it back on, which we did but he would only make it a few steps because it was too heavy. Eek! At least he was the cutest little conductor for the parade!

We brought the train home and tried to lighten it for him. He saw his friend Vincenzo in his train for trick or treating  (they were smart and made it proportionate!) and couldn’t wait to get in…well, after a little coaxing. πŸ˜‰ A few pictures and wandering later and he was done. Train off and it was time for him to make a run for it while trick or treating!

The two boys were adorable together. They quickly caught on to how to ask for candy in their perfect toddler voices, they thanked everyone and even wished them a Happy Halloween! At one point, Vincenzo was a little ahead of Jacob and Vincenzo yelled for him to hurry up. Jacob replied, “I coming!” and took off running after him. Oh, the cuteness! 😍

The costume didn’t work out perfectly but we had fun making it and Jacob had fun putting it on and taking it off. We had a blast at the parade and trick or treating. The Halloween fun was what mattered and the memories are priceless. πŸŽƒ

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