I 💗 Team Gina

Today, Joe, Jacob & I joined Team Gina at a fundraiser that was put on by a local golf club in support of their organization. It was a day filled with golf, raffles, a silent auction and lots of laughs. 

We met everyone after the golf game for a banquet lunch. Seated at the front, we were joined by our sweet friends that we met at the golf event in April and the owner of Bear Construction, whom is a massive supporter and dear friend to Team Gina. Our friends have two littles and we were so anxious for them all to meet today! They hit it off immediately and the cuteness was on serious overload. Mae, their daughter, kept feeding Jacob fruit across the table. Jacob was in heaven with her! They spent lots of time chasing each other around and laughing hysterically too. It was priceless!!

After our yummy lunch (yes, I indulged in a cookie and it was totally worth it!), Will, the founder of Team Gina, gave a wonderful speech and thanked everyone for coming. Next, Audrey and I spoke and I joked about holding her hand while we stood there.  Neither of us prepared anything formal but we walked up together and each spoke from the heart. 

I briefly shared my diagnosis story but immediately talked about the reality of day to day life. One of the biggest things that comes to mind at diagnosis is finances. Not just insurance and prescriptions but day to day living expenses to help with treatment side effects. It’s a scary and confusing question and not one that you ever want to ask. Team Gina is a local organization that helps families like mine. I had reached out to them earlier this year and they didn’t hesitate. Aside from the amazing golf tournament weekend that we experienced with them and the yummy meal that we shared in April, they covered my entire medical deductible for this year. Every. Penny.  And they didn’t think twice about it.

Is it hard to ask for help? Oh gosh, yes. But it’s organizations like Team Gina that make you feel better about it. They are here to help families like us and although it isn’t a club I asked to be a part of, I wouldn’t trade meeting them for anything. They are a bunch of guys who care deeply about helping local families affected by breast cancer. And it’s not just financial assistance. It’s hugs and texts and kind words that go so incredibly far. They are some of the kindest, generous and most giving men that we have had the pleasure of knowing.

So today, I put aside my fear and I said a few words. I hope that every person in that room saw through my tears and knew that Team Gina is helping in big ways…and so are each of them.

And as a random side note, a local magazine wants to interview me for a January issue…how cool is that?!

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