To call or not to call?

One of the “problems” with having cancer is that you don’t know when and when not to downplay symptoms or pain. Is it just back pain, swollen lymph nodes, a cold, a rash or something more? Do I wait until I see the doctor or NP to mention it or is it something that I need to text the doctor about today? This is an ongoing question and not one that I think will ever have an official answer. I typically try to wait things out in the hopes of improvement but sometimes a call or text is necessary. 

I’ve been dizzy since last Saturday and yesterday I started with headaches that are pretty intense. The dizziness I can chalk up to dehydration, and even the headaches since I know that I have not been on top of my water intake, but the severity and suddenness of the two is concerning. I texted the doctor this morning and he agreed that an urgent head CT was needed. I was squeezed in fairly quickly today, which was a relief. The process itself is fast but as I laid still, I couldn’t help but wonder about what’s going on in my noggin. This is my normal now.

The request was considered “STAT” so the doctor called within 2 hours and confirmed that my head is all clear – thank you LORD. I do not have any known cancer that they can see via the CT scan. Obviously this isn’t as great as having an MRI done but it’s what we can do for now and it showed all clear. I’ll take it – and as the doctor said today, let’s celebrate this victory! 

We don’t have an answer as to the headaches or dizziness so I will increase my water, get some extra rest and take some medicine to help. I’ll see him on Tuesday to chat further but hopefully the symptoms will be gone by then. 

In this case, my oncologist was very glad that I texted today and had a CT done immediately. It’s an example of when I don’t want to wait until the next appointment. So I am celebrating this victory today, for sure. It is a win for me. And a bigger one than I even realized.

It’s a good day, friends. Enjoy this Friday! 

6 thoughts on “To call or not to call?

  1. First off good to know you had a clear CT. May water and rest clear your dizzy and headaches away.
    And Thanks for modeling self care, it can be difficult. One of the things I have noticed since working at a little clinic is how often people apologize for bothering us when they call for an appointment. I think they may fear that they will be judged for being a hypochondriac, or whining. What ever it is makes people delay all the time! This doesn’t always go away, even after a serious diagnosis, people wait and wait to have stuff checked out. So thank you for getting checked out, and talking about it. We need all the examples we can get for proactive self care.

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    1. Thank you! I am an over-apologizer and am working on it. I also struggle with not calling soon enough vs calling too soon. In this case, or any at this point, I’m so glad I did. I didn’t realize how much I needed the peace of mind going into the weekend! I appreciate your kindness, it is my new reality and something that I am working on but definitely is for the best! You’re totally right, self care is SO important.


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