The day is done…

Let’s be frank here. It’s almost 10pm here in Florida and I’m awake. Isn’t that amazing in itself?! I’d say so! 

Today was relatively uneventful in terms of my transfusion. It was a different infusion center than I typically travel to so a bit further but basically the same setup. Everyone was kind there, which I’ve come to expect from the centers I visit. It’s nice not to be disappointed in that aspect.

The transfusion itself took longer than I anticipated. Despite my 10am appointment, my actual transfusion didn’t start until 1130am. I received liquid benadryl (wah!) first and then saline while waiting for the blood bank to deliver my blood. Each unit, which I received 2 of, took about 2 1/2 hours each plus arrival time. We didn’t leave until almost 5pm.

Thankfully, I slept majority of the time. I don’t necessarily feel less tired now, though I do feel different, however I am sure the benadryl is still coursing through me. That stuff does such a number on me! They give it ahead of time to counteract any potential allergic reactions but sheesh, it knocks me right out. Anyway, I’m hopeful that tomorrow it will be out of my system and I’ll be ready to take on the day. Well, sort of anyway. I know I’ll still rest but I’d like to catch up on laundry. Unless I teach Jacob…hmmm… 😉

Sweet dreams, everyone! 

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