A shooting star

As she gazed out at the night sky above her, the sound of the ocean filled her ears. The waves crashed against the boat and themselves, causing a gentle swooshing sound. Darkness surrounded her, the only light reflecting from the ship and the stars above. The moon was but a sliver above – God’s thumbnail, her love told her.

The stars seemed endless. Their bright twinkles lighting up the sky above her. The stark darkness of the sky behind them made the stars stand out even more, appearing as if they were floating amongst the night sky. They didn’t form rows, rather shapes of all different sizes. Some seemed larger than life, others just a freckle in the sky, barely seen and yet there.

Though sporadic in their positioning, their organized chaos was mesmerizing. She stared above her, the sparkles that lit up the sky seemed to never end. Her mind shifts to what created those very stars and the possibilities that they themselves created. The hopes and dreams that they represent are both inspiring and limitless.

She reached for her glass of red, feeling the warm night breeze on her skin. Glancing to her right, she smiled at him. He smiled back and the stars seemed to shift slightly above. Her heart melted just a little. They both turned back their gazes at the sky above them, their smiles remaining.

A thin line darted across the sky and they both gasped in awe. Short but nevertheless there, a star burned brightly through the night sky then burst before blinking out in the night. Its journey ending in a blaze while the two of them watched from millions of miles away.


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