This is me.

One of the awesome ladies that follow my blog mentioned that she used a mesh netting after radiation everyday. I asked about it this week and my goodness, it’s amazing! I’ve been wrapping myself in multiple ace bandages that wiggle and come undone. The netting is one piece that Joe cut holes into for my arms so that it holds the bandages up by my neck. I spend my days and my nights like this. I used to take a few hours off from the netting and just use lotion but unfortunately the open wounds didn’t like that so much, so it’s netting all the time now. It works wonders though!

I’m learning to make sure I take pain medicine before applying the lotions and such. I am so ridiculously blessed to have Joe help me with everything and for having him in my life. The process itself takes 20 – 30 minutes a pop and frankly, there are usually tears and some curse words from me. God bless that man for dealing with me at my worst. I feel tremendously better once everything is applied, it’s just a matter of getting to that point.

So this is me now. I  have enjoyed my two days off but I am ready to power through the 3 remaining treatments and discuss the timing in the last 5. And frankly, I hope I never have to deal with this again! NED, anyone? 😉

Enjoy this day, my friends. I plan to rest and prepare for the week ahead! 💚

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