I know this 3 day weekend has its own purpose but an extra day off from radiation is so exciting to me! The radiation itself is not painful during treatment but my skin is quite red, like a bad sunburn, and my chest has also started peeling. But, we are halfway done-ish! I’ve had 14 treatments and we are doing either 20 or 25. So close!

It’s my week off from chemo pills – wahoo!! My feet are tender to walk so I’m anxious for improvement over the next week. Cushioned shoes help – and I am slightly obsessed with Sanuks so it works out well!

I took my last steroid on Saturday, which is exciting in itself. I am incredibly swollen all over, which will take weeks to go away, but I am sleeping a little better each night. I don’t wake up for hours at a time anymore and can usually fall back asleep within an hour of waking up. I’ll take it!

Sleepless nights have been a cause for overthinking, which I do. 😉 Today though, I sit in awe. Every day of my life, something happens to remind me that I am on this journey for a reason and a purpose. No, it’s not easy. And frankly, it sucks at times. But it’s my journey and I am going to make the best of it. The love and support that I receive from all over the world continues to amaze and inspire me.

Yesterday, I mailed out a wristband to South Carolina and I thought…I wonder where else people are from?! So today I ask you, where are you reading from?

“For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world” (John 18:37).
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Spread that love!!!

5 thoughts on “Fri-yay!

  1. Dear Red,

    Mary and I are reading/following your journey from Whitefield, NH and Schenectady. Our own daughter is on a similar journey in New Paltz, NY with her own Stage 4 breast cancer, and you’re right; it DOES suck. From our perspective as parents, it sucks ALL the time. We pray that your doctors and hers learn a little more of the puzzle with every patient they are privileged to treat, so that this nastiness will one day be eliminated from the world. Meanwhile, as Erica’s motto states, “Head On and Heart Strong!”

    Keep looking up,

    Bob Chase

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    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Bob! I love Erica’s saying too! She’s right, we keep fighting and we don’t give up. We are allowed bad days, of course, but the good in life always outweighs the bad!


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