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I’ve been slowly transitioning to all-natural and organic products this year but made it a top priority after my recent diagnosis. Looking at labels has become quite horrifying so I have been focusing on researching different products and reviews. I’ve received lots of questions about the different products that I’ve adapted to so I thought I’d share a list below. Most I have bought on Amazon (thanks to my sis for having Prime!) but some I’ve found at Target or the actual website for the product. I like to compare prices with shipping but honestly, Amazon’s 2 day shipping typically wins out. Yes, I had massive sticker shock initially! Some of these products cost a small fortune but when I compare the ingredients, it is completely worth the cost – especially when I learn about how well they all work and the research behind using those products versus others.

Feel free to reach out with any questions and I am happy to help!

    • Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant – I have a tendency to sweat a lot so I’ve used my fair share of prescription and deodorant/antiperspirant combinations in the past. I’ve been using this particular deodorant since before my initial radiation and I love it. It received excellent reviews and I am happy with the scent! There is research to suggest that antiperspirants cause breast cancer and although I don’t know the validity of it, it is something that I prefer not to risk. Living in Florida, I usually only apply once a day but if it’s a full day of heat then I may use it twice. I carry it in my purse and keep it at home. I love this stuff!
    • Lindi Skin Soothing Balm – I use this to ward off hand and foot syndrome with chemo pills. I’ve only started using it this week but I’m in love with the softness of it. It seeps into my skin and makes my hands and feet feel wonderful. It doesn’t stay on top of my skin like many of the creams that I have used.
    • PEDS Women’s Socks and Sakya No Show Premium Cotton Socks – I use these with the lotion above. I read that lotion and socks may keep in the moisture and help keep feet hydrated throughout the day. So I have recently adapted to lotioning up and wearing these socks all day long under my shoes. I also lotion up and wear regular socks at night to keep my feet hydrated. I just started my second dose of chemo but I am hopeful that this combination will work. I also wish I found these socks a long time ago because I am completely obsessed with them!
    • My Girls Skin Care Cream Radiation Burn Care – I started using this cream on my radiation areas this week. It is much lighter than the Eucerin and calendula cream that I was using previously. I mix Calendula oil in with this cream and it seems to hydrate my skin quite well. I’m hopeful that it will continue to work!
  • Herb Pharm Certified Organic Calendula Oil – I’ve been using this Calendula oil since I started radiation and I love it. I originally mixed it with Miaderm, then Eucerin and now My Girls. Although My Girls has Calendula oil in it, I like to mix it in since it is supposed to work wonders.


  • California Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash – I have been using this body wash and shampoo on Jacob for a while now. After brain surgery, I was advised to use baby shampoo for a while and switched to this. I love it! It feels great on my head and lathers nicely. I will definitely keep using it.
  • Lush Retread Conditioner – I have been using this conditioner since May I am in love with it. It works amazing and smells wonderful. I wish I had found Lush sooner!
  • Lush Dream Cream – I have been using this lotion on my skin since May also and it smells like key lime pie. I love it!
  • Simply Organic Wax Pomade Hard Wax – The airport threw away the hair gel that Jacob & I have been sharing recently so I was forced to do some research on a new product. This is a little thicker than I normally use so a little goes a long way. My hair is less hard and has a lot more curls now – which I love!
  • Castile Bar Soap – Gentle Unscented with Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Olive Oil – I started using this soap a few weeks ago when I ran out of Dove. I did some research and it received excellent reviews. I love the way that it makes my skin feel and it lathers nicely. I will definitely be using it going forward!
  • Antibacterial soap – I purchased all-natural soap yesterday and it will be arriving tomorrow. I am anxious to give it a try but it received great reviews so I will keep you all posted!

That’s all for now. Are there any other products that you all can recommend?!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Over time, I’ve found phasing out everything but shampoo (for my hair only) and a salt based deodorant lets my body regulate best. I hand wash with water only and never heard any complaints from friends and family about being a stinkasaurus. Last year going to only water for body wash was the first Winter I did not have to coat myself in lotion to half way combat alligator skin. Turns out the soaps and other concoctions I was using were causing the imbalance to begin with. Crazy!

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