A busy Friday ahead!

Today is day 1 of my 2nd round of chemo pills. The week off from them have been nice but each day I felt like I was missing something so I’m glad to be starting my week again. Combined with radiation and knowing it’s the 2nd cycle, I am curious of the side effects but remaining optimistic. I am armed with lots of lotions to help!

Yesterday at radiation the technicians, doctor and physicist came in again to align my 5 bolus-combo in the hopes of keeping it as one piece. Unfortunately, the air gaps near my skin are literally millimeters away but not close enough to my skin. While barely affecting treatment, it still has an impact since my skin is affected and that’s important. So starting today, they will align each bolus every day. It’ll take longer to align but will target the areas that much closer. I lay on the table with my arms up the entire time so although it’s uncomfortable, the technicians have the hardest job of all! My skin is doing well so far, though the redness has started.

I started taking melatonin 3 nights ago and it’s working great. I’m still exhausted each day but I’m getting an extra 2 – 3 hours each night. I’ll keep taking it!

Today, Joe & I are up early and on our way to Moffitt in Tampa again for genetic testing. They called me Monday to ask preliminary questions and I realize how little I actually know. I’ve been working with family all week trying to figure out as much as I can for the appointment. I expect there to be a lot of unanswered questions but I have a great start! They will do lots of blood work and I am super curious about it. They will be testing for genetic mutations that could predispose me (aside from BRCA 1 & 2) but also that could qualify me for a clinical trial.

So off we go! Enjoy your Friday, friends!

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