I like to keep things interesting! 

While laying on the table at radiation today, the song “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors came on. As the machine buzzed around me taking pictures prior to treatment, the irony of this song was not lost on me. I first wrote about it in February, when I was declared cancer free. I couldn’t help but smile at the song. I remember how I felt hearing those words and smiling widely. That feeling will never go away.

No, I am no longer cancer free and life has changed significantly since that fateful day. But I continue to embrace the moments and the days that I am blessed to be gifted. And for that, I am grateful – song and all.

Radiation this morning was long again and I was surrounded by 5 sets of hands (technicians, doctor and physicist) making sure that I was perfectly aligned for my massive treatment area. They ended up using 5 bolus’ on me and taped them together in the hopes of them staying that way going forward. I was literally taped to the table while they treated me (I have to laugh!). They are all such incredibly wonderful people who work so hard for folks like me.

I met with the radiation oncologist again afterwards and asked her about my left axillary lymph node. It has been painful for a week or two and I can feel that it is swollen. I was previously radiated in that area, my PET scan showed no cancer there and we know the Xeloda is working so the chance of cancer on the left is minimal. In the spirit of thoroughness (especially with me!), she ordered an urgent ultrasound to figure out what the lump and pain is from.

So tonight I ventured to an ultrasound. I went to the hospital where I receive radiation treatment and they immediately reassured me about my lymph. It is a mass of fluid, that measures about 2.3cm x 1cm that is typical after surgery. Called a seroma, it is not cancerous! It will likely stay for at least a year and I will need to have it monitored to watch the size and shape of it over time. The radiologist even pulled up my PET scan to compare then came to look at it himself. That made me feel good that he was also so thorough!

So it’s a win – and I’ll take it! A small one? Maybe…but it’s pretty big to me.

After talking it over with Joe, we decided to push out some of my upcoming appointments. I want to ensure radiation is completed prior to traveling but I also want to have my PET / CT scans readily available as well. That way the centers will be armed with the most recent information that we have available. I am excited for this, as I know we have learned SO much already and I am anxious for the upcoming trips. I pushed out Sloan Kettering until 9/22 and Emory until 9/30. In the meantime, I will keep doing what I’m doing and knowing that it’s working against this cancer!

Today is a good day, friends. Continue to spread that love! 

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