Dana Farber Visit

Yesterday was a long day of travel but I am so glad for the trip! My sister met us at the airport, brought us to Dana Farber and took little man with her to hang out with the rest of my family who met us here. My cousin works in the pathology section at DF so she met us for the appointment and helped ask questions along the way. It was awesome! 

We learned a lot yesterday. The doctor was very thorough in my history and my exam. One thing that she recommended was to do a panel on my recent biopsy to look at it further and determine what potential mutations may be occurring within my cancer. This process takes up to 3 months for review so we started that. I thought that was super interesting and I am curious of the results, especially knowing that my cancer grows quickly. Combined with the generic testing from Moffitt and I think we are covering our bases. 

She went over a lot of treatment options that are potentially available to me, including standard chemo and clinical trials in the area. Until we know for sure if the Xeloda is working – and we are optimistic – she agrees with the current approach. We know that any treatment will eventually stop working (kind of like the overuse of antibiotics, they become obsolete) so I am glad to hear that we have other ways to fight this disease. My cancer is responding to radiation according to my previously radiated skin and lymph nodes (no active cancer there now), so she is hopeful that I will also respond to radiation this time on my right. 

Moffitt mentioned yesterday and DF said again today that we anticipate my brain tumor to come back elsewhere up there at some point over time but meanwhile we are doing the pathology on it to ensure we are targeting it correctly. We are also doing the radiation on it this month to keep the cancer away from that area. There will come a point when I will likely need whole brain radiation but that will depend on where lessons pop up. So we are praying for none! 

The visit was great and the doctor was wonderful. There is a lot to consider and I think that the different options available to me in each area is worth the trip all in itself. Building these relationships and ensuring we talk through every detail is so important! 

That’s all for now. Off to enjoy this gorgeous Boston day! 💋💚

8 thoughts on “Dana Farber Visit

  1. How great to have your cousin as a guide on your tour of options and information gathering.
    I just watched a really interesting interview with Travis Christofferson, the author of the book, Tripping Over the Truth: The Return of the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Illuminates a New and Hopeful Path to a Cure.
    It was really interesting. Like compellingly interesting. I have not read the book, but I have known someone who used the ketonic diet as part of their treatment plan, and the naturopathic oncologist I went to in Portland was really into the research around periodic fasting as part of any treatment plan. And I just read a study about how the way we take in calories, as in what time of day, influences our bodies ability to heal. Basically women who “fast” for 13 hours every night have better outcomes.
    In the interview last night he was talking about how treatments combine synergistically. Which made my ears perk up.
    I know you are in the midst of like ten billion bits of information overload, and I throw this out only because it seems so possible to integrate into the mix, … and investigate in all your spare time. As if. I am going to order the book and will report back. This is a long game.
    So much love- Iris

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    1. Thank you! It was totally am awesome trip! I checked that book out on amazon and it received excellent reviews! I am considering purchasing it, let me know what you think please! I bought Dr Morse’s detoxification book and have been on an 80% raw/20% cooked fruits and veggies lifestyle. 😊


      1. I will definitely let you know. I don’t know about Dr. Morse. I will look into him. The food piece is so huge!
        BTW do you know about the book Radical Remission? Dr. Kelly Turner interviewed and researched cases of people who got well against the odds. She noticed when she asked them what they did that there was a lot of overlap in their strategies. Food was one of them. Her website lists the things, and has stories.
        Alright enough librarian-ing already. I have somewhat of a dangerous fixation on books…

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      2. I have not read that! I love to read so I will absolutely take your library recommendations anytime – especially to help me understand the importance of food! 😀


  2. You are in good hands, and with so many people loving and supporting you, you will succeed in this battle.

    It’s been said that everthing happens for a reason, and while I’m not sure I fully accept that premise, if there is a purpose behind your experience it must be to show others what true courage looks like. You are an inspiration.

    Enjoy your time in Boston with your extended family. Soak up all their love.

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