Tonight’s thoughts

I can’t get the day out of my head. My trip to Moffitt was incredibly informative and I learned so much. I know that I have a journey of unknown ahead of me but the things that I was taught today are progress for sure. 

As I lay here, the day is not lost on me. We are praying for bold miracles and we are praying hard. These doctors and nurses that are pouring over my records, the pathologists that are looking through my scans, the planes and the cars that are getting me around, the family & friends that continue to support me…each one receives prayers every single day. And those prayers are bold and they are brave and they are asking our God for a miracle that I know is possible. Yes, I have a lifelong disease but dang it, that disease will not take over. I will learn to live with it and I will continue on this glorious journey of life. I feel the love wrapping itself around me every single day. How can I not have faith in that? 

So tonight as I lay here taking in the day before and the day ahead, I am thankful. I am thankful for the continued support that we receive from everyone and for the outpouring of love from near & far. We are so ridiculously blessed & loved. I cannot possibly be more thankful. 


4 thoughts on “Tonight’s thoughts

  1. If you’re familiar with the Red Green Show (on PBS, but originating in Canada), you’ll appreciate that we’re all pulling for you. Your outlook and attitude are very much in sync with our daughter’s approach to her own Stage 4 cancer. Thank you for your posts.

    Bob Chase Schenectady

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