Moffitt visit!

Wow. What a trip! Joe & I learned so much and are processing everything today – which is A LOT.

I will have additional genetic testing / panel done for genes that I have not yet been tested for.

I do qualify for clinical trials that are available at Moffitt for my cancer, however they have not yet started. This is good news because I am still taking the Xeloda in the meantime, which we are hopeful about!

I will chat with the radiation oncologist tomorrow but it is recommended by the doctor today to receive radiation to my lymph nodes and the skin on my chest to remove the cancer cells.

The doctor today was awesome. She was funny, wonderful and top of my records. She agrees with my wholistic approach to fueling my body and making it stronger to fight this disease. Her closing comments to me were that I will continue to receive chemo for the rest of my life, but she is there to ensure that I have an excellent quality of life and learn to live with this disease.

It was a great day and I am anxious to meet with Dana Farber tomorrow. I know decisions need to be made but we have time for that. Pursuing all of our options and visiting these centers to make our decision is so incredibly important to me. Thank you for your continued support as we visit these places!

2 thoughts on “Moffitt visit!

  1. You two are so cute! Good to hear that your info gathering is going places! Clinical trials are good. My brother received medicine for free for hepatitis C through a clinical trial, that put him in remission, with no sign of disease seven years later!
    Here’s to wildly successful, miraculously effective, side effect free treatments.
    Xo iris

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