Lots of updates!

Work, life and appointments keep me busy, as always! I was tired yesterday and went to sleep by 8pm. Sure, I was up early again but the early bedtime felt good.

I visited the nurse practitioner yesterday and spent a while chatting with her. I learned a bunch of things, some of which I probably knew but didn’t retain. πŸ˜‰

-The Xeloda will take time to show effects, likely the 2nd cycle. I finish my 1st cycle today and will then have a week off to recover. The side effects will potentially be worse over the 2nd cycle but we will cross that bridge as it comes.

-I will need another PET/CT to confirm that there is no progression of disease, however it will likely not happen for another 6 weeks. I had originally thought it would be this month but given that I just started Xeloda and radiation, it could give false results of progression that isn’t there.

-My blood work looks great! Aside from this whole cancer thing, my red & white cell count and platelets are on point. 😎

-Radiation! Yes, you read that correctly – I started radiation today!! Wahoo! I had an early appointment, scans and 2 new tattoos. I received a dose of radiation specific to my right lymph nodes – day 1 of 4 weeks! I also chatted with the radiation oncologist for a bit. She is anxious to hear about my trip to Moffitt and Dana Farber this week. Based on the scans that she did today and her exam of my skin and lymph nodes – it appears that the first round of Xeloda is working! Though only slightly smaller, my lymph nodes appear to be shrinking and the marks on my chest skin look better to her today. How flipping awesome is it to hear that?!!

That’s all for now…we are on our way to Moffitt for our first visit and will fill you all in later. Today is a good day, friends!!!

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