The Art of Decluttering 

When Joe & I bought our home, it was relatively scarce. There was plenty of room to grow and we spent the first few years with extra space. Over time, we accumulated extra things and eventually ended up with more stuff than we knew what to do with anymore. I wouldn’t consider us keepers of all things by any means, but our home is full. As most things do, we have taken a “some day” approach to getting rid of things over time. This year has slowly become my year and more recently I’ve been purging things like crazy. 

I started reading “The Art of Decluttering” or the KonMari method and it is awesome. She takes a wholistic approach to decluttering life so that it is done in sections and therefore only once. I started with every piece of clothing that I own and although overwhelming at first, it was awesome. She had a purpose and a plan for each article of clothing and I loved her stories behind each. Asking the objects if they spark joy was inspirational. It’s surprising how many things that we hold onto “just because”.

I am admittedly a bit of a book hoarder and have a rather large bookshelf (ok 2!) filled up. Knowing they are simply taking up space for me, I decided to pass them along. This weekend, I started posting about the sale of those books in the hopes of spreading the joy of reading a bit. At $2 a book, I was shocked at how quickly they began to jump from the shelves! Knowing that I am spreading that love for reading to middle schoolers (yes, I love YA!) and other folks in our community makes my heart smile so big! I have a serious love for reading and there is nothing quite like a good book in my hands! 

We also had someone appraise our home. I know this came as a surprise to many people, as we have lived here for years. We are simply pursuing our options to see what is available to us. The reality is that these things take time in our area and we don’t know where treatment will bring us in the future. While we are optimistic about options available, our retirement dream of living on the beach will eventually become the reality of our 30-something life. I don’t know that there is a better way for us to end each day than a walk on the soft sand while listening to the waves crash.

The decluttering of life will continue in the meantime! Lots and lots to go still. And I haven’t even thought about organizing pictures – something I think little man will love to do! Is it bad that I’m excited to continue this purge?! 😉

2 thoughts on “The Art of Decluttering 

  1. I absolutely LOVE giving away stuff! And, I have been known to park our city trash container at the backdoor and chuck broken and unwanted crap in! Liberating – like breathing room for the soul!

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