Cocktails & Chemo

Back in April, I attended the CHHO event to bring Love Jars to the ladies who were part of the outreach that month. During the event, I met a wonderful woman named Amanda. She runs Cocktails & Chemo. Her story began as a blog about her husband Joe’s battle with cancer and has turned into this incredible foundation that helps caregivers. 

After my recent diagnosis, I reached out to Amanda and nominated my husband for her caregiver award. He is regularly selfless and I think he has the hardest job of all. Amanda surprised Joe with an incredible gift package filled with all sorts of outside related goodies, gift cards and a sweet card. We all know how much Joe loves the outdoors!

I can’t thank Cocktails & Chemo and Amanda enough for their generosity and support. The sweet surprise brought such a smile to Joe’s face and I know it will stay.

Thank you Amanda!!! #JoeStrong đź’š

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