Rise & shine!

Happy Monday, friends! This week is packed with work, life and appointments for our family of three. I am sure you can relate! I’ve been up since 4am (dang steroid), but lunches are packed up with all fresh, organic fruits and veggies to keep the “hangry” at bay. 😉

We are embracing this day and all that it brings. I am so grateful for:

1. The incredible outpouring of love and support that we have received. From the calls, texts, letters, packages, prayers and love…I know I’m not including everything but know how much every word means the world to us!

2. The blessing of life itself. Each day is a gift and I am so grateful for what each day brings. Regardless of the fight that we have in front of us, we will continue to battle and pray with all that we have inside of us.

3. My family. I know this is not easy on Jacob and Joe. I actually can’t imagine what goes through each of their heads. Though Jacob may not know the ins and outs of what is happening, he knows that something is up. And yet each of them support me and love me unconditionally. They don’t question that love and they continue to embrace me, my struggles and every day that we have together. To say that I am a blessed and lucky woman would be an understatement. I am so loved.

Spread the love, my friends. Today and always!

4 thoughts on “Rise & shine!

      1. My oldest son and I spent the afternoon distributing I stand for love “buttons” made out of watercolor paper and safety pins around town. The clinic where I work, the Blue Scorcher where I used to work – which included standing in the middle of the crowded dinning room and making an announcement, onward to errands to CostCo, and the local food coop… We pinned about 35 pins on people. So Much Fun! My son turns 18 today, which made it extra special to spend a day together being goofy and affirming love.

        Sending so much love to you today, with thoughts of many family birthdays extending far into your old hag days.

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