Sunday morning

As I lay here taking in the previous day, my heart is full. My Saturday was packed with festivities and yet I sit in awe of all that life has brought my way. 

My morning was spent with little man, where all he wanted to do was read. This warms my heart so much. Sofia stopped by with her one year old before nap and we were able to catch up and play together. The boys were helpful to each other in their youth and I can’t even handle their cuteness together! 

Brittany and her family came over and stocked my fridge with fresh fruits and veggies. The kids played and had such a blast together. We all giggled with their innocence and pure excitement at all of the love they share together. 

And my Saturday night was filled with ladies, paint, wine and food. Oh my, how I needed this! Seema is an incredible painter and taught us all how to paint along with her. We had so much fun giggling at ourselves, sharing wine and stories and making memories together. The night was priceless in so many ways. 

I don’t know what I did to ever did to be so lucky in love, life and friendship. But I am a blessed woman and these blessings continue every single day. Love you all so much! 

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