August 5th

This day will forever remain in my heart. It is the day my son turned a month old. It is the day he celebrated 13 months. And it was the day I received my cancer diagnosis.

I remember my husband, 13 month old and I sitting outside daycare at 620am. They opened at 630am and we had never arrived that early. Our appointment was downtown at 7am and I was clearly anxious. We dropped him off, the summer warmth hot on our skin as the sun rose in the sky. We traveled in silence to the breast care surgeon. Checking in with smiles, we waited for the doctor. I joked with my husband that we didn’t want to hear words like “invasive”, “cancer”, “carcinoma” or “metastatic”. Little did I know, our world was about to change forever.

As we sat in appointment after appointment, receiving instructions, blood work, results and more scans, the tears came and went. At some point the numbness settled in and I sat in awe of the future. Unsure, scared and yet determined. Losing was not an option.

This last year has brought heartache, tears and pain. But it has also brought more happiness than I could have ever dreamed. The person that I was a year ago is no longer here. She is stronger than she ever thought possible. She is determined. And she is willing to give this gift of life all that she has within her.

I slept last night. Almost an entire, uninterrupted night of sleep. I awoke with a smile and little man has been singing all morning. My husband read to him while I dressed for work. All is right in the world.

The tears come today but not because of the last year of changes in my life and not because of the unknown future. The tears come today because I am blessed with this beautiful gift. This day, my family, my friends, this life. Today truly is a blessing for each of us.

So on this 5th of August, reflect not on the past. Rejoice in the changes that you have made in the life that you want to live. Enjoy this day and every day, always.

Spread the love, my friends! 💋 💚💗

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