Today is a new day. 

Yesterday I went to work. I know, I know, it’s a lot on my plate. But the sense of “normalcy” and routine is good for me. It was a nice day, filled with laughter. At the end of the day, I made phone calls and did some running around for medical records. My level of frustration spiked as I received what I would refer to as the “run around” regarding the beginning of radiation treatment. I completely understand protocols and controls and for the most part, I have let them run their courses as needed. This seems to be a simple logistical error that is causing me stress. Long story short, I have not yet begun radiation therapy and I am awaiting the start date (it’s not the doctor). To say that I am anxious to begin this treatment would be an understatement. I am glad for the systemical chemo pills to work their magic but I will rest easier knowing the pain of radiation will prevail. 

That being said, I went to bed frustrated. It’s not something that I do often and I felt a lot of defeat. There were tears cried and frankly, I am mad at myself for allowing it. The day was lost on my moments of frustration. 

But today is a new day. 

I’m up early, blaming the steroids, and I’m reflecting on how blessed I am. There is a reason and a plan in place for me. Although radiation is not happening on my time, it is happening on the time it is supposed to and there is quite literally nothing else that I can do at this point. I simply need to let go and let God. No, I am not giving up and I’ll make whatever calls that are needed for continued progress. But I am going to trust and have faith that there is a reason and a way that this is happening, even if I don’t see it just yet.

So I say again. Today is a new day. It is a fresh start. A new beginning. The world as we want to see it. It is the start of something new and exciting. A day of acceptance, joy and laughter. It is a day that I will love and a day that I will fill with happiness. Because this day is mine. It is mine to enjoy and mine to hold dear. It is mine to embrace proudly and triumphantly. It is a new day indeed. 

Spread the love, friends. Make someone smile today! 💋

4 thoughts on “Today is a new day. 

  1. Keep on inspiring! Sorry about the delay in the treatment, but God knows and is in control. Praise Him through the circumstance.
    I know the feeling of defeat as my son is back in the hospital unplanned. We just have to pray for strength, hope, understanding and faith. Love you chick!

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  2. Your attitude of gratitude inspires the multitude.

    A thought for the unrepeatable gift of Tuesday, August 2, 2016:

    A New Day – I am refreshed and renewed in my quiet times with God.

    When I feel stressed or tired, it may not be easy for me to accomplish all that I would like to do. In order for me to feel vibrant and ready to create positive changes in my life and in the world, I must take time for renewal. I grant myself permission to step away from the “busyness” for physical and spiritual self-care. I do this by getting enough sleep, eating well, having fun, and spending time in prayer with God.

    In a sacred space of prayer, I feel the serenity of God’s love embracing me. I relax into a sense of peace. I take in a gentle breath and let go of all that has come before this moment. I surrender my entire being completely to the blessed peace of God. I am now able to continue my day refreshed and renewed.

    A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you.—Ezekiel 36:26

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