3LB4L – Wishes

Earlier this year, I reached out to an organization called 3 Little Birdies for Life. They grant wishes for cancer patients like me. A few days prior to my most recent diagnosis of Stage 4, I received an incredible gift of a new camera from them. It is unlike anything that I have ever seen before and frankly, I don’t feel deserving of it! Thankfully, they even set me up with lessons – personal and group! It’ll be some time before I get moving on the lessons with everything happening but in the meantime, I thought that I would start with the basics…also known as “auto feature”. 😉

The day after my diagnosis, we took a local train ride with Jacob’s friend from the womb – and our dear family friends. It was a hot day filled with fun adventure as the boys – just a week apart! – rode on a real vintage coach, pulled by a 1907 steam locomotive. It was so cool! The boys would not stop yelling about the “choo-choo”, listened attentively to the noises it made and loved watching the lake go by in the open windows around them. We took an early train (thanks, Groupon!) and the boys had the entire train car to themselves – with us parents, of course. The day was so much fun and their tiny faces were completely precious the entire time. Definitely something we will go back and do again in cooler weather!

I decided that particular Saturday was as good a day as any to practice on my new camera so I took a few shots. Nothing crazy and the pictures don’t quite do the day and train ride justice but it was so much fun!! Enjoy!

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