So a lot has happened.

The day that I went for my PET scan, I had 3 instances of seeing a phoenix. First was a picture of a red phoenix in the clouds of a blog I follow, next was a bird named Phoenix on a Facebook page that I follow and the third was my baby sister visiting an area of Ireland called Phoenix Park.  It is moments like this that remind me, no matter what comes my way, I will continue forward and fight with all that I have.

Today, as I waited at the plastic surgeon to remove fluid from my left expander in anticipation of radiation therapy again, a woman approached me and asked about Team Red Phoenix. She wanted to know how she could purchase a shirt like mine and support it. She had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer as well. Moments before this interaction, I received a call from my oncologist that this mornings CT scan revealed the cancer had spread to a spot on my right cerebellum (brain). As we determine a path forward, I stopped at the radiation oncologist and was asked by a nurse about my shirt and how to check out my blog. I’m 2 for 3 and know the 3rd instance of phoenix will be here soon. It reminds me why I am doing what I’m doing. Why I will continue to fight, never give up hope and know that my journey is not over.

So. It has been determined that this spot needs to be removed immediately to ensure it does not spread further and to increase the positivity in my long term prognosis. I am awaiting a call from the hospital so that I can be admitted today. Then I will receive a more detailed CT scan (tissue expanders don’t allow for an MRI) and hopefully confirm this is the only spot in my noggin. If that is confirmed and I feel comfortable with the neurosurgeon, then I will undergo surgery to remove this spot. I will then need to have radiation directed at that area, radiation to my chest/lymph nodes and eventually a chemo pill. This will hopefully eradicate this disease from my body.

I know this sucks. I know this news will terrify you. It terrifies me. BUT. I know that I have a lot to live for still. I have a lot left to say. Prayers are welcome. I have faith that I will rise again. I will prevail.

Love to you all!

4 thoughts on “So a lot has happened.

  1. I have tears in my eyes, your determination is divinely outstanding. Keep up the good work, keep your head high and well just take care of yourself. You have many prayers coming from my end. I shared a previous post on my page. I am proud to be connected to you in a “pink sisterhood.” Big Hugs to you and your family and thank you for the updates, as hard as they are, sometimes just writing (typing) your plan of action helps.

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  2. I’m saddened by this news and at the same time, hopeful as God knows the end results. God and His almighty healing hand can and will take over. I pray for you. Sincerely. I pray for Joe and the little guy who both need you desperately to get better. I stand in faith for life, health and strength. Friend, you call me of you need me. Anytime.

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