Tuesday night blessings 

Tonight as I reflect on the last 24 hours, I am reminded of the many blessings in my life.

I am grateful for my boys. My husband, who is forever by my side, and this sweet boy whose giggles make the world a better place. Together, they melt my heart.

I am grateful for the ENTIRE Red Phoenix army, who rose to support me without question and who I know will be by our side continuously. 

I am grateful for today. Though it had a few moments of stress, it was a day that I was gifted. It brought new connections, new friends and new hope.

Gnight all. Spread the love, always.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday night blessings 

  1. I look at your blog every morning and so much that you feel and think is the same as me. I also have stage 4 (bones, liver and brain) but I’ve known since February 2014 and with good drugs, I’m doing really well. I’m very saddened by your latest news but I know you’re a fighter with a good attitude and a wonderful family. I’ll have a positive thought for you every day.

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