I wrote the below post two weeks post surgery.  My husband and I had a date day after a checkup with the plastic surgeon and headed to a movie – drains and all.  Today is Superhero Day at my son’s daycare and it reminded me that I had written this months ago.  I needed the reminder today, for many reasons, and reading it brought me to tears as I think about all that life has given me over the last year – and just since I wrote this.  Enjoy.


When Joe & I went to see the movie Deadpool (thanks to the gift of free movie tickets!), I expected lots of laughs, some inappropriate commentary and a little love story mixed in. What I did not expect was to spend the next few days thinking about superheroes. I don’t want to give away much of the movie, so I will simply say that there was a mention about what it takes to be a superhero (and what it doesn’t) and I can’t get that out of my head.

I went home thinking about what makes a superhero. Is it something someone does? Do they have to do that something more than once? Is it something someone says? Can they say that something one time or do they have to live by that something, day in and day out? Do you look up to a superhero from afar? Or can it be someone that you know personally, someone that lives down the street or perhaps in the same house? Can you have more than one superhero?

What about all of the above?

My immediate reaction to the superhero thought is, who is my superhero?

The thoughts begin to swirl and my mind moves in dozens of directions while trying to pinpoint who in my life I consider to be my superhero. Then it struck me.

All of them.

My husband, because he has been my rock, my caregiver, my confidant and my love for more than a decade.

My son, because he gives me the strength to continue fighting every single day and because his smile and laughter will forever warm my heart.

My parents, because they gave me (and continue to give me) the foundation in my childhood that taught me how to be strong, even in the darkest hours.

My sisters, because of belly laughs and lots of tears and the courage to be a better version of myself.

My friends, because without them I would not know what true kindness is.

My extended family, because they have supported me and cheered me on when I needed it most, reminding me that I can never give up.

The people who were once strangers but have now become part of Team Red Phoenix. Through following my blog, sharing their thoughts & experiences and supporting me despite not knowing who I am, they have given me the courage that I need to continue writing.

The best part about all of the Superheroes in my life? Each of these reasons don’t actually distinguish one group from another, because they have each touched my life for all of these reasons.

After all, it takes a community, right?

Team Red Phoenix…who is your Superhero?

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