The rule of 3?

On the radio this morning, the conversation was around things happening in 3’s. The radio hosts were discussing things that had happened to each of them recently that added up to 3 total occurences, typically bad or unpleasant things. My mind immediately wandered to high school, when I can recall my best friend making that very comment of “bad things happen in 3’s, that’s two, what’s next?” It always added up.

I began thinking about the last two weeks of my life. I have had a truly incredible couple of weeks filled with amazing and fun memories that I will never forget. But there were in fact three separate instances of unpleasant, rather significant, occurences. It has me a little exhausted and a bit ready to yell – enough! – at the universe. That being said, I typically try to find the good or positive things in every situation. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t know the reasoning just yet. And perhaps we never will. Maybe the universe is trying to change someone else’s life and we are simply a catalyst or a means for that change to occur.

So I’m curious tonight. Have you had an encounter of something(s) in your life happening in 3’s? Was there a positive outcome in the end? Please share, I’m anxious to hear about your experiences! 

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