When little man was born, he had a head full of golden-red hair. We all joked about the color and how it seemed to turn a deeper red in the sun and I loved every strand of it. It fell out in the weeks following his birth and he spent the first year of his life with blonde whisps. Most people thought he was bald in pictures because of how little hair he had.

Soon after his 1st birthday, his hair started growing in a white blonde. Still thin, it continued to grow and seemed to become lighter over time.  Somewhere around the time he turned 18 months old, I was able to begin styling it. Sometimes we styled it upwards for crazy hair days but mostly I worked the curls in the back. He has not always loved having his hair brushed so I was nervous about the day we would cut it. I wanted to wait until he was 2, just because. We decided a few weeks ago it was time to cut it but ran out of time because of vacation. 

Today though, we ventured out. Googling a local kid specific shop, we walked in to find it filled with toys, tvs and even little cars for the kids to sit in. It was perfect! Jacob did amazing. He barely noticed that his hair was being trimmed as he turned the wheel of his car and shouted out the colors of the different cars. We asked him where he was driving to and he told us the beach and “wa-wa”!

It was over quickly and he trotted off to play with a train set. Looking like a true little man, I grabbed some of his hair and took the “first haircut” certificate while wiping tears from my eyes. Tonight, I will pick a picture to print and place with his certificate and put a lock of his hair in the keepsake we were gifted at his baby shower. A small milestone, yes, but one I will remember always.

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