I’m reflecting on the last two years. On this day two years ago, my husband and I were checked into the hospital awaiting the arrival of this sweet boy. We watched him grow from a fragile newborn into a smiling, happy infant and now a daring, funny, curious toddler. This day last year, we were surrounded by family and friends celebrating his very 1st birthday. This year, he woke up to snuggles from us, his cousin, aunts and uncles. He has been loved so much from before he was born.

This boy has changed our lives in ways that I never imagined possible. He lights up our lives each and every day. Though it has not always been easy and I make mistakes daily, I wouldn’t change it for the world. There have been tears of happiness, joy, frustration and sadness. There have also been more smiles and laughter than I could ever have dreamed of having in my life. 

These two years have flown by. There have been a lot of firsts and I know there are many more of those to come. He loves cheese but not more than blueberries. He has a passion for water, the beach and boating that makes me grateful for this beautiful state we live in. He wakes up singing and has a knack and rhythm music like I’ve never seen. His love for reading seems to grow daily and his creativity shows through already. Still learning to speak, his vocabulary grows regularly and he does not hesitate to express his feelings towards an activity or food.

Above all of these things though, Jacob is a kind, loving, sweet boy that loves snuggles. Almost always happy, he brightens any room that he wanders into.

Happy birthday to my little man! Here’s to a generation full of laughter, snuggles and memories together with our family of three. 

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