My baby sister

Life has been a little busy this month and I both welcome the daily chaos and curse the lack of the mundane. This week has been especially busy as we prepare for the coming week’s festivities – my baby sister’s wedding.  One of the ways I have been trying to prepare is by writing out my Maid of Honor speech. Though I have written and spoke a few before, this step always gives me pause. I want it to be creative, meaningful and with just a hint of humor. In preparing for this speech, I’ve been reflecting on our childhood and recent years with my baby sister.

I remember the moment my mom told me she was pregnant with her. I recall looking up to my mom as she sat on the wooden bench in our kitchen, her dirty blonde hair laying just below her shoulders. My big sister and little sister stood on either side of me as we listened to the exciting news.  I remember watching my mom’s belly grow with my sister inside of her. I don’t recall the moment she was born but I know the days following…picking her up gently from her crib and changing her cloth diaper. Bringing her upstairs with milk to watch cartoons with me on an early Saturday morning. I remember the way she always wanted to be around her sisters. The way she played softball always amazed me, like it was second nature for her to hit that ball across the entire field. Her laughter has always been infectious and I find myself looking forward to the moments that she can still make me giggle. I once worked at a before-school program that she attended and I distinctly remember how much I admired her determination to do the right thing and stick up for others.

After I moved to Florida, she would visit and we would stay up all night playing board games by candle light when the storms knocked the power out. We have countless memories of the beach, spotting dolphins & manatees and watching the sunset. My visits to Georgia are filled with tours of her town, shopping sprees and ice cream. She always has a list of things for us to do together so she can show me the town she loves so much.

All of these memories fill my heart and yet I know that we still have an entire lifetime of more memories to make together. And though I don’t want time to pass too quickly, I cannot wait for all of the incredible journeys that are ahead of us.

Though I have not completed my speech just yet, I find comfort in remembering all of these priceless moments that I have been so blessed to have with her.

Tell me, friends…what do you think makes the best wedding speech?

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