Spread the love

It’s been a rough week for Central Florida. There has been a lot of heartache and too much tragedy.  Through these challenging times, the community is coming together in the most incredible ways to spread love and overcome the horrific events that have occurred.

Spreading love needs to become a regular thing in our day to day lives…not just within our families and friends but with folks that we may not know.  The power of a smile or a hello is amazing. It can literally change someone’s entire day around.


I was sad that last treatment round that I didn’t have Love Jars to drop off. I have been meaning to make more but life has been busy.  Tonight though, I made them a priority – and little man helped too!  They may not be the fanciest jars that I’ve made but they are absolutely filled with love and blessings from my heart. I can only hope that someone’s day is brightened, just a little, by picking one up tomorrow.

Though it is a very small gesture in this big, beautiful world, it is something I can do to spread love.  And that makes my heart smile.

Continue to love hard, friends. Spread the love, always.


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