There are no words.

The tragedy that occurred last night in Pulse Nightclub is terrifying, heart wrenching and so utterly horrible. These people went out on a Saturday night to have a good time and enjoy themselves, like so many of us do on any given night. Fifty of those people lost their lives way too early and 53 of them have experienced a life altering trauma and are now fighting for their lives.  The victims, the families and the friends of those affected will never be the same.

This could have happened anywhere but it’s a little too close to home.  This senseless violence is not ok. It breaks my heart. The world is becoming a scary place and I fear for the future that our children face.

I cannot wrap my head around the amount of hate this man had in his heart.

Please pray. Pray for these victims, these families, the entire LGBT community, the emergency response teams, the law enforcement, the doctors, the nurses and staff at local hospitals, all of Orlando and our country. Spread love, friends.  Love always.

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