Oh, sweet weekend

Happy Memorial Day, friends!

This weekend has brought a mix of fun, productivity and relaxation for me. We spent time outdoors, went to church, cleaned out the garage, enjoyed a cookout with my in-laws, grocery shopped, meal prepped for the week, the house is clean – and there is still half a day left before the work week begins! I took the weekend off from running but still made sure to exercise in different ways to make up for it. Don’t worry, I rested lots in between. Friday’s expansion was bothering me pretty good on Saturday so I was quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, that’s gone now. Treatment continues to tire me out and I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I was asleep by 9pm all weekend. It was wonderful to grab the extra time to sleep and let my body – and mind – rest.

Having such a productive weekend has my mind wondering a bit. Summer has started and I’m antsy to spend time outdoors with my family but still try to get things done around the house, while keeping up with the day-to-day necessities of the house, exercise and writing too. Being almost two weeks out of radiation, we are beginning to find a new routine and the summer hours are allowing more hours with daylight.

I don’t necessarily want to rank all of these activities as a matter of importance because although some will absolutely outrank others, they are all things that I want to be a regular part of my daily routine. I’m learning to grab up the time that I have let slip by me in the past and fit things in small windows of time throughout the day.

Joe & I have the luxury of carpooling to work every day, so this has become my go-to time to write. Whether it’s my blog, catching up on emails, making appointments or free writing, this is a 30 – 45 minute ride each way that I used to spend just daydreaming. Since I’m using my phone to do these things, I can easily put it down to chat with Joe or help Jacob sing a song that he likes along the way.

Dinnertime has been a point of stress for me in the past, as I always feel rushed to get home and cook. We’re using the crockpot more (especially with the summer heat coming!) and making a larger meal on Sundays when we can to have leftovers throughout the week. On run days, Joe will heat up food for all of us and we’ll eat together when I’m done. On non-run days, we all go for a 30 minute walk after dinner. This might be Jacob’s favorite part of the day! If I haven’t hit my step goal by the time Jacob is asleep, I’ll pace while watching a show before bed – looks silly, I know, but it works!

So it’s a work in progress and I’m learning to fit things in where I can without compromising family time or household duties. I’m wondering, what tips do you have to fit more into your day?  Do you keep a list of things you want to accomplish?  Do you plan out what activities to complete each day of the week?

2 thoughts on “Oh, sweet weekend

  1. Isn’t it great to have the energy to do little projects??!! I’m walking after dinner also to get some exercise. Can’t wait until my scarves are gone & my head can breathe!

    Have a great week!

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