Learning fashion


The fashion gene skipped me. It’s never been my strong suit and I often rely on my sisters and friends to help me pick out clothes.

I’m slowly learning to venture out of my comfort zone and try new things when it comes to fashion. Sometimes it’s a new style shirt, maybe boots that I’ve been eyeing or skinny jeans (I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how long it took me to join in the skinny jeans fun).  I’ve only recently rediscovered dresses and I’m sad that I ignored the dress rack for as many years as I did.  More recently, I’ve rediscovered hats and scarves as a fashion statement – and dual purpose head warmer during chemo.

So now that my hair is growing in, I’m excited to try different styles that I wouldn’t have been brave enough to try before (my fingers are still crossed for a pixie cut in July!). I have worn headbands here and there in the past but it was infrequent and always mixed in with a head full of hair.  I decided it was time to have a little fun with my new locks and turned to Etsy to help me find what I was looking for. Etsy rarely disappoints and my new headbands arrived yesterday. The seller that I chose picked the colors and patterns for me based on my favorite colors and my hair color.  I’m excited about the mix of simple and fun that I received!

So today, I ventured out of my hair comfort zone and tied one on. I am not entirely sure how to tie it (seems simple, right? 😮😶) but I’m happy with the outcome of my first try!

So tell me, what fashion tips or tricks have you recently discovered?!

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